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The Mission of JCS

The JazzCat Sanctuary is a rural shelter providing a high quality of life for animals when they need it the most. Founded in October 2017, JazzCat Farm and Sanctuary was created with the goal of becoming a true non-profit animal shelter servicing the Oak Harbor, Ohio region. We strive to be a sustainable organization providing a temporary home, food, vetting, love and socialization to abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. JCS is an animal shelter and adoption center for displaced, homeless, seized, and abandoned animals. Due to our rural location shared with a small hobby farm, we are known to offer temporary housing for a variety of animals in a worst case situation.  JCS assists to provide in the education and resources for a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) Program to help with the feral cat population. Through an effort of partnerships with businesses and our community, we hope to effectively discourage the population of feral cats from growing in the area.

JazzCat is a Project of Love

Lisa and Michael Gordon are the founding force behind the JazzCat Sanctuary idea. Lisa has been an animal lover all her life and has been rescuing animals since she was just a small child. As Lisa grew, she began rescuing more and more animals. From bunnies to birds, from dogs to squirrels, she wanted to help any animal she could. Lisa met Mike and after they were married, Mike’s love and compassion for animals grew too! Their home soon became the one that everyone in the neighborhood would bring all the lost, found, or injured animals to. In 2016, Michael and Lisa found land in Oak Harbor, allowing them to achieve a dream they always shared, having a small farm. Upon moving to Oak Harbor, they soon realized the significantly large number of feral cats in the region. Good hearted Michael and Lisa had to find a way to help, they set out to trap, vet, and find homes for the kittens resulting from the feral cat problem. Lisa had always wanted to have an animal shelter and just never had the land, she had always just done what she could. After a lot of discussions, they decided to not only help the kittens, but to finally open the animal shelter that Lisa had always wanted to be a part of! They both knew this would not only be a labor of love, but a project worth undertaking. Three years later JazzCat Sanctuary still continues to be a light in the dark for animals looking for a forever home.


Things are done a little differently than your standard shelter here at JazzCat. In addition to the usual feedings,  and litter box cleanings that happen in an animal shelter, the everyday lives of the ‘Jazz Cats’ and kitten are very different then other places you have seen. All the kittens and cats at our Sanctuary are cuddled, snuggled, played with and enjoy lap time with volunteers daily. We pay particularly close to the personalities of the animals and they are noted for potential future families. After a new kitten or cat comes to us, they see a vet, where they are tested for feline leukemia and they will get their fvrcp vaccine, they will get flea and wormer meds and they will get spayed or neutered. Then they will be available for adoption!  While they are waiting for their forever homes, they will live here, on the farm.  They don't even know that they are shelter cats, they get the lovin and huggin that all animals deserve so that when they come to their new homes, they already know that they are loved!

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