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JazzCat Is Currently At Capacity. If you have an animal to surrender, please contact your local Humane Society. 



Rural Farm & Animal Shelter 

The JazzCat Santuary is rural shelter and working hobby farm, providing a high quality of life for displaced and homeless animals while they wait for adoption by their forever families. The main purpose of the JazzCat Sanctuary is for Animal Rescue and Adoption by providing the care and a temporary, but loving refuge to the homeless, abandoned, and potentially seized animals of NW Ohio. JazzCat is not just a rescue for cats in the local community, we are also a working farm and offer refuge for farm animals.  We offer educational tours for small groups and families. 

Our Purpose

To lovingly provide medical care and temporary shelter to abandoned or homeless animals in their greatest time of need. 

A Home

The ‘Jazz Cats’ are currently housed in climate controlled rooms consisting of kennels for intake or isolation, and designed with plenty of vertical play space for toys and socialization as well. 

While They Wait

All healthy, vaccinated ‘Jazz Cats’ and kittens are left to roam free in their “living room”, snuggled, cuddled and played with to properly socialize and prepare them for their life outside the shelter.


For You

We use Petstablished shelter maintenance software at JCS, allowing for the most up to date information about our pets available for adoption, and microchip program to keep track of animals adopted.

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"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

Vincent Van Gogh



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